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BeautyTree Ayurveda Special Therapies

Ayurveda life is more close to the nature ,gives your mind more inner peace and eternal happiness to your soul ultimately achieving a healthy body.Moreover the medical treatments ,Ayurveda is a lifestyle of daily routine and seasonal regime with good diet and good deeds in each one`s life to practice.

A person is deemed healthy ,when their physiognomy is balanced ,their digestion and metabolism are in good working order,their tissues and excretory functions are normal ,and their soul,mind and senses are in a state of constant inner happiness "-Susruta -Ayurveda Doctor 1000BC

We Offering the purest natural treatments with expert medical team

Body type analysis

Prescribing curative natural treatments

Advising proper diet and lifestyle

Advising yoga and meditation



Slimming therapies

Rejuvenating therapies

Marma therapies

Ayurvedic steam bath

Reduction of burning sensation in diabetic neuropathy

Special herbal foot care

Herbal drugs and Therapies to ensure better sleep

Rejuvenation for sexual potency

Allergy and respiratory diseases

Various allergic skin conditions

Cholesterol /blood sugar imbalance

High blood pressure

All types of joint pains

Muscular pain and sprains

Sports injury

Severe headaches and migraine

Scalp diseases

Dandruff ,hair fall

Dry Rough skin

Eczema ,psoriasis

Herbal facial packs

Post menopausal disturbances

Menstrual problems

Uterine /ovarian problems

Pregnancy and after delivery care

Stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness

Stress related migraine, severe headache

Sexual disorders

Depression and mood disorder

Anti aging

Eye care

Joint care


Neuromuscular diseases

Summer cooling treatments for skin and irritated eyes

Winter warming treatments for joint stiffness and dried eyes

Siro Vasti

Retention of medicated herbal oil on head

Good for visual problems

Gelieves headache ,memory problems

effective for Parkinson`s disease

Ensure restful sleep


Retention of medicated herbal oil on head

Good for visual problems

Gelieves headache ,memory problems

effective for Parkinson`s disease

Ensure restful sleep

Ayurvedic herbal eye care

Nourishing eye with medicated oil /ghee

good care for people who are more in use with computer (computer vision syndrome )

good for itching ,sore eye ,conjunctivitis

visual problems ,falling of eye lashes ,dandruff on eye lashes ,dryness or rigidity of eyes

good for itching ,sore eye ,conjunctivitis

effective in high eye pressure (glaucoma )


Herbal medicated lukewarm oil flow on forehead

Effective for stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, migraine

Nourishes hair, scalp

Cure for paralysis, neurological problems

Helps to lower the High blood pressure level


Medicated warm herbal bag compression all over the body

Good for relieving muscle spasm, muscle stiffness, strengthen the spinal muscles and receiving back ache

Enhances peripheral blood circulation

Cleanses the channels of circulation and detoxify body

Advised in arthritis, neurological problems, muscular pains, paralysis


Continous pouring of medicated oil in a specific pattern all over the body followed by gentle massage

Good for general weakness, paralysis, arthritis

Gives energy to the weakened muscles and nerves

Siro abhyangam

A comprehensive Ayurveda deep tissue massage of the central nervous system,which involves a relaxing massage of the head,neck and shoulder

Relieves stress, anxiety, sleeplessness

Strengthen hair, scalp

Good for shoulder pain ,pre -menstrual tension and headache

Reduces high blood pressure


Face therapy rituals and herbal face pack

Treating facial skin with a blend of herbal essential oils, working on vital points.

Purifying with a cleansing,steaming, face therapy rituals and herbal face pack

Various oils /herbal pastes are used according to the>ayurvedic skin type analysis

Thala Pothichil

Herbal wrap on the scalp and hair

A special medicated paste is applied on the head after a gentle head massage

Effective for cooling, calming, soothing the mind

Ensure restful sleep

Helps to improve memory

Effective for scalp psoriasis and dandruff

Njavara theppu

A full body revival massage with herbal porridge

Exfoliating therapy to make the skin soft and supple to give the skin a lustrous glow

Excellent therapy to keep body cool during summer

Good for neurological complaints like paralysis and facial palsy


Medicated Ayurveda full body massage

Essential Ayurveda massage to improve over all well being of a person

Enhances the functions of sense organs

Improves complexion

Prevents early degeneration

Relaxes mind

Good for Rheumatism, paralysis, jointpains, muscle weakness and nervous weakness

Good for severe back ache ,fibromyalgia ,hot flushes after menopause

Marma therapy

Special herbal massage with applying extra pressure on vital points of the body according to Ayurveda

Stimulates prana (energy)and innate human dynamism

Good for sexual disorders

Helps in recovery from injury or in cure of a diseased condition

Stimulates nervous system